Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Glasgow Project.

Returning home to my native city in a few days(Glasgow that would be) for a spot of eye surgery and during my stay there I hope to set up two lights and a backdrop in Borders and offer free portraiture to all the patrons who happen to come across my wee corner of this mammoth book shop.
I'll give everyone a business card with the new section of the website entitled "Glasgow Faces" and people can see what I've done to them with my post processing.
Whilst back home I'll also head to The Barras and get a load of real "character" faces and probably have a mental day of it as well.
In the end it would be great to put on an exhibition of "Glasgow Faces" either here in Budapest or more aptly back home in Glasgow itself.
Be quite funny if I get my surgery first and end up shooting people wearing an eye patch.