Monday, November 16, 2009


Had my meeting this morning with the manager of the Boohshop and we got everything arranged for Wednesday morning......the event (my shoot) will be posted on the windows as an event and he said I should expect a stampede.
He was a very nice young guy.
By the time I had reached the Bookshop I was quite knackered....I did a big crazy detour through some areas I grew up in on my way to the city centre (I walked about 14 kilometres there) and went through a beautiful park I remember vividly as a small boy.
Alexandra Park in Dennistoun...the very first place I lived as a child.
The park is very old and has a golf course,boating pond and many play areas for children.
I remember this fountain as a child.

I remember, as a small child I'd lean over th parapet of the fountain and look at the plant and aquatic life in it...usually with a thin bamboo pole with a wee green or orange nylon net on the end for fishing.

Further on up the road I went past a landmark location.....Tenents the brewers, this is where beer is born.

And just within site of destinatination where the beer goes to die!

And seriously, as those words do spell out....we really are THE PEOPLE!

A wee bit further along the pavement this wee man in the puddle was doing his best to scare the keek out of the passerbys...a mental wee orange bastard!

I spent a goodly part of the day in Borders reading the new King book whilst outside it pissed down mightily.
Tommorow I'll get me model releases printed up and start going over my gear for the shoot on Wednesday.
Ma feet are killing me....I walked about 26 kilometres today.