Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yesterday was tough.

I left Budapest yesterday morning at 7am and arrived in London just after 9. The arrival(and departure) from London were truly pant wetting moments. Unfortunately the weather over London was horrendous and the plane bounced up and down like a Yo-Yo and shimmied all over the place on take off for Glasgow.
Not a funny experience at all.
Anyway, as I was delayed at the hospital having my eye examined (the Doctor dilated my pupils to the extent I was virtually blind...I had to ask people for help to use my phone and my eyes are still crazily dilated even now...but the focus is almost fully back now)I never made it to Borders (the huge book store) to speak to the events manager about my photoshoot there. I have an early appointment today to see an eye surgeon in the hospital and immedietly after that I!ll head to the book store to finalise the shoot.

Have had a further moment of inspiration about information about the portraits I!l be doing (a small thing but fundamental perhaps) on the day, I'll put on the model release form a section where the punter can note down his/her proffesion and then dream proffesion....could be a funny contrast.

I'm up early at the moment,everyone is asleep.
I'll make a coffee and then walk in to the city cantre.