Saturday, December 12, 2009

Test shot day.

Have a lunch with family friends today at Nagykovacsi (40 minute drive away) which will be great for the children especially and good for the adults to chill and drink a little.
Jake is coming along too.
Apon our return in the evening I need to set up my boom stand and do some test shots of Jake with the shoot through brollies attached to see what kind of lighting I'm getting.
I ordered this last week:
Softbox for Nikon Flash Speedlight SB800 SB600 SB900
just for the fact alone of the o ring adapter that takes my strobes...I have many soft boxes that I'm unable to use as they only fit my studio lights (which I don't use yet) and this adapter means that I can do quite a bit in light modification that was trickier before.
I'm very much looking forward to using the new gear.
If anything comes of the shoot with Jake I'll post up an image or two.