Sunday, September 19, 2010

Strobe flash destruction.

Funny how things just come together sometimes...all the stars line up and good shit just falls in to place.
There was I the other night,Thursday evening to be exact messing about with a flash unit(sb600) as a hair light for an upcoming shoot...trying to get the unit on a makeshift boom to come over the models head for some nice hair and shoulder light.
The flash fell from a great height.
Bounced and would flash no more.
I ranted and raved for a bit and knew I had to hit the shop the next day and buy another unit......and then went off on a tangent about how impossible it is to get my hands easily on an sb800 unit(works as a slave and in Nikon commander mode and has a port for a sync cord) any more.
Jelena typed in sb800 whilst I was ranting and moving more light gear around and hey presto! Up pops the info that someone in Kecskemét is selling a brand new sb800 for a very good price. And it so happens we are heading to Serbia in the morning and Kecskemét is directly on our route!
A bit of communication between me and the seller and it was all organised...we swung by and picked up the unit.
Funny how things work out sometimes.