Friday, October 08, 2010


This month I'm looking forward to getting together some contact proofs in preparation for the BIG shoot I'm doing in November.
I need to put together a collection of 4 different series of shots with models against a light to dark edged grey background and against a dark blue background.
Its pretty damn important that the PR department of the firm decide exactly which look they want  to see from the photography.
So, I need a couple of suited bodies and well dressed ladies before my camera to get the set of work organised.
Hopefully today I'll have a suited Gent before my lens and next week I'll have a smartly dressed girl as well.

This being glorious Autumn (my most favourite season) I'll have to get to the park with my little children and lady and start grabbing some great shots of the colour and form and enjoy myself in to the bargain as well.
Have my eye on this weekend as the opportunity for this.