Saturday, November 13, 2010

Anatomy of location corporate shoot.

At the moment I am very fortunate to be doing a 1200 person corporate shoot for an International Insurer,focussing on the Hungarian Division.
The body of the work (6-800 business style portraits)is being shot(has been completed by now) here in Budapest,Hungary and the remaining staff members will be shot in their regional offices in two main locations.
My first choice would have been images on either a high key(white) or white to light grey background.As this was/is  a corporate shot and not editorial on my part,I had then to follow the brief set down by the client....hence the blue background which bears a similarity with the corporate colour.

The first image below shows the set up for the shoot and the equipment and settings I used.

As you can see above,space was tight and the room was pretty much filled up with light stands and tripod...the tripod I stopped using after the third day as the shutter speed was uber fast(f stop was f8!) and framing was no real issue as my grasp of  true horizontal and vertical framing is spot on.

Here are a very few of the images shot that day.......the following images are straight from the camera...absolutely zero touch up (just a resize to post here) and the colours are waaay off from the in camera pre-view and the same images in RAW format.
Here is an example of the huge difference in colour/saturation from the JPG and the RAW of the same image:

And finally, here are the jpg's straight from the camera (the final images will have company branding (logo top left) applied to all of them.....done as a batch process in PS.

And here is one with the real colour/tone as a finished result