Sunday, November 07, 2010

Getting Prepared.

Tomorrow is the first day of the commercial shoot, I should be shooting between 60 and 80 people tomorrow.
Have my set up established and now its simply a matter of packing up the gear and getting it to the location early in the morning.
The lighting will be a 3 light set up, main light,back,and side kicker.
Will have a reflector on a boom to reflect light on the dark side of the subjects as my main light will be through a shoot through umbrella and there is less "wrap" from that kind of modifier.
Side/Top kicker will be a small softbox (I find it more controllable than the shoot through......can feather the light on the subject rather than blast them with the light) that will be placed behind and above the model to their right.
I'll be shooting from a tripod (not happy about the tripod but I need the framing to be consistent so that I don't end up having to crop every image individually by hand)and as my background light is static some of the especially tall subjects are going to have to sink down a little to come in to the shot......the diffuse light glow placement on the blue background is important...I cant adjust that to suit every individual's basically the subjects, if too short, will stand up on some low steps, the taller models will have to sink down a little or be shot seated.
It ll be a busy shoot tomorrow that's for sure...scheduled to run until Thursday afternoon.
Expecting to have done about 500-600 portraits by the end of the week.