Tuesday, November 23, 2010


From a real early age I remember using scissors to cut up pictures to put them together in a way that pleased me more. I'll always remember the image of a blue bottle of Domestos with the juxtaposition of a blonde coiffed models head stuck on to the neck of the bleach container.Maybe a psychiatrist could fathom something from that with relevance? (though I must have been about 4 years old)  :)
When I just started to realise the potential of Photoshop(several years ago)I went through a period of turning my hand exclusively to Photomontage...most of the expression was aimed at being humourous as a response  to the horror/zombie/disturbing/weird ass shit that was appearing on many photography websites.
This was my starting point:

My working model for montage were very strict.....all the elements of the finished image had to originate from my camera,taken by me.An image could, and often did, contain elements from Scotland,Serbia and Hungary that I had pulled together to create something unusual from the sum of those parts.
My first images were relatively simple...but as each image progressed they became more and more technically proficient.
I began a series of montage entitled,"The Master's Trousers" or, if you will, "Agnes does a Runner" which was met with confusion by many but loved as well by quite a few:
Agnes does a runner.

More often than not, the montage was simply a means of expression,of something that was impossible to place in to words.
Here are a few examples of that.

Budapest Hilton 3.47am                                           

The War is Over                                                        

Under Scotland

The Piped Piper

Hell hath no fury...