Friday, December 17, 2010


Did a shoot last night with a friend, she wanted some shots for her annual Xmas card......was great to have her and her family over....two lovely children and a friendly helpful dad.
She was pleased with the result of the session and I'll get a copy of the card in the mail.
(her cards are really good)
Lovely person that she is she came bearing some tickets for a wellness hotel,massage,spa and swimming areas, plus an invitation for two for my favourite Tex/Mex restaurant in town. As soon as I and my lady return from Serbia in January we'll have our children looked after by a friend whilst we enjoy a jolly good nosh up. Cheers Gabriella!

One from the shoot

Tomorrow we head off to Serbia, an extended visit to our family there.
On Sunday,my wife Jelena has a family celebration (the family's saint day....its an orthodox Christian thing) hosted by her father in his Fire Station. There'll be lots of fish soup and very many friendly faces,family and friends there for me to put before my lens.
I'm taking a couple of flash heads, black backdrop cloth,light stands,some shoot through umbrellas and my trusty Nikon D90.....I anticipate that as the party goes on the portraits will become more and more interesting!
We'll be in Serbia until the start of January so I'll maximise my time there by learning Serbian (I'll be living there by July next year) pretty intensely and taking photographs of the neighbouring families,snow covered landscapes and walking for miles every day.
I am really really looking forward to this visit.