Thursday, December 02, 2010

Stefan Tell

They say that plagiarism is the best form of flattery....and in Photography its certainly true.
We look at each others work, de-construct the light and make mental notes to recreate the light but with our own spin on it. People, like the Swedish Photographer,Stefan Tell, (no,not William) do us all the privilege of giving his knowledge,expertise and approach to photography in a form that lends itself to emulation and creativity for others.
He breaks down his light,equipment used and the intent behind his images.
Take a look here at this sweet 2 light set up:

Stefan Tell Blog on quick 2 light images

And here you can see my recreation of his set up to do some test shots on myself to get comfortable with the variables and settings.

Later I'll post up some test shots.
Cheers Stefan.

Played around with the settings and did quite a few test shots.
(my grey background is darker than Stefan's is and for these test shots I didn't bother lighting the background though an sb600 would have done the trick easy!)

and just in case there is any danger of taking ourselves too seriously....

The catch lights in the eyes, are for sure "Butterfly" with a bit of seperation there.....I think with some tweaking and a bit more finesse this is a light set up I'll be employing for studio work.
Again,cheers Stefan.