Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Budapest Blacksmith

This is Joszef.

He is a Hungarian Blacksmith.
Joszef is an Artist.
He forges iron and sees life potential within it, he brings his vision from the fire so that we can touch it and marvel at its beauty.
He has forged gates and balustrades for the finest castles and palaces of Germany and Austria
Joszef has been working in the same cellar in Bródy Sándor street for 47 years.

He loves his Art.
He works hard to create beautiful things for people, many times people take his creations and refuse to pay.
Joszef is a simple man. (this he freely admits)
He knows nothing of computers, smart phones or legal process.

He is not a rich man.
Joszef struggles more than most to make a living, though he works furiously and well he seldom sees significant money.
If you know of any Hungarian fund or initiative that can help support Joszef and his rare craft please tell me about it.

It was my privilege to document a few hours of this man's life through the medium of my camera.

If you think you may need some ornate,handcrafted ironwork...let me know
I'm sure Joszef will be delighted.

(Just...please, pay him.)