Sunday, January 02, 2011

The 4 CEO's shoot.

After shooting more than a 1000 business portraits (the final number will probably be around 1200 )for a corporate client over an 8 day period in December I was asked by the same client to shoot four of the main executives from the firm.
The brief was very specific.....looking for "traditional" corporate images that the print (and web now) media could use to supplement comment and analysis from these guys in the local media.
Though the brief was traditional I tried for a bit of wiggle room in the settings and workplace environments I shot the guys.
The shoot itself was planned well in advance and the light set up had already been tried and tested on location using a stand in model(cheers Hans!) to substitute for the execs.
The only part of the shoot that I had to deal with off the cuff to an extent was when the guys were sitting before a laptop with their staff at work behind them. Here I used only natural light,no fill flash or reflectors.
This natural/strip office light was done in Manual mode on the Nikon D90 and was set up seconds before the guys walked in to the area.

To assist myself in this I used a humble bottle of water

This gave me an idea of optimum speed and F stop in this area to get the focal length exactly where I needed it to be to have the subject well exposed,tack sharp and the background to be nicely thrown out.

Here are a few examples from the shoot that morning.
(The shots with the cell phone were real to an extent, I had a staff member call my phone and had the guys answer the call)
(The guys also posed with arms relaxed,hands in pockets and chilled out body language) 
(The croissant was finally wolfed down by myself at the end of the shoot, after packing up and patting myself on the back for getting the shots I had imagined)
Please forgive the small size of the images posted here......would hate to see them out there as corporate stock if the file sizes were bigger!.

I was quite fortunate that I had the guys for about 10 minutes each and was able to move them through 3 different environment for the photography.
Here is the kit I used on the morning
Nikon D90
Nikon D80
50mm standard Nikkor lens
18-200mm Nikkor VR zoom lens
1 Nikon SB900 flash unit 
2 Nikon SB600's flash units
1 Nikon SB800 flash unit
3 light stands (not so many light stands as in the seated area the sb800,600 and 900 flash units were placed on and behind chairs)
1  Westcott Apollo umbrella soft box
1 shoot through umbrella
1 reflector
Duct tape
Battery chargers
Chocolate Croissant (eaten)

It was an enjoyable shoot, the guys were relaxed and cool and all my pre-visualisation work paid off in the end.
(and the client is well pleased with the product)