Thursday, January 06, 2011

Serbian Faces.

Recently, while in Serbia with my family over the Xmas period, we attended a friend and family celebration held every year by my wife's father. The celebration is to commemorate the exploits of a Saint adopted by the family(through the male line) as a protector.
Its traditional that there's lots of fresh fish soup,salads,meats and more booze than you could sink a battleship in for everyone to get stuck in to.
Lots of long tables set up in the Fire-station (my wife's father is the Fire Prevention officer for Novi Sad,Serbia)  friends and family all together having a great old time after a thanksgiving prayer is offered.

It was my hope that while there at the celebration I could tape up a black backcloth on the wall in a corner of the room, get my lights and light stands out and fire off some portrait shots to give to everyone as a gift from myself and family to them.

I started by taking a few shots without flash(in manual mode) in the room before I set up my gear proper.

Once everyone had eaten and were well on their way to being well oiled with the booze and fun company I set up my little corner and started banging out some nice portraits.
(post work may look a bit dodgy in a shot or two...not my personal preference but something I did for the ppl who would receive them as gifts)

My wife's father,Dragan Karabasil.

the following images are all close friends of the family.

We really enjoyed ourselves there(this was the first time we had been in Serbia just at the right time for this event)and everyone was really happy about having their pictures taken.
After the event, I did a quick process on the images(as you can see above) and my wife gave the high res files to her father to get to all of his friends.
Certainly, I have many more portraits from the evening than posted here...when I've the time I'll put some up here and over on flickr.